Nässelfrossa (Nettle fever) – the culture week in western Blekinge, which, just like the nettle, annoys and burns, but also offers delicious and healthy food ingredients – a week of gorging in cultural experiences! Nässelfrossa is one of the larger cultural events in Blekinge, with about 150 activities in 8 days, and it was also nominated for the Great Tourism Price in 2011. The entire area is bursting with activity, and here you find something for everyone: music and painting, building art and cultural heritage, circus and magic, genealogy and embroidery, excursions and hikes, history and stories!

The small scale genuine events of high quality aim to highlight the local, rich cultural heritage and thus establish the area as an attractive destination. The culture week Nässelfrossa is arranged by the association with the same name and is in many ways ”the different festival”: there are no summer touring celebrities, attracting thousands of spectators wherever they show up. Here you look in vain for funfairs, beer tents and itinerant market traders. Nor is there any special festival area, but the events take place everywhere in the vicinity of Olofström.

Welcome to gorge during the whole week after Midsummer!